Exploring Menswear: Chapter 6 – Terrace Casual


Meticulous attention to detail and dedication to functional ostentation positions country and leisure style in the urban environment.

The Terrace Casual arose out of the Skin style, which in turn evolved out of the Hard Mod. The Hard Mod came about as Mod culture was subsumed by a more mass-market, and the original Mods and their fashionable imitation during the mid 1960s began to break apart, hardening into a stark, stripped down look.

Sport and youth clubs were cultivated as a moral site for the making of national and regional identity of the Hard Mods and the Skins. The values behind this changed around the early 1980s when sport (esp football) as a driver for oppositional working-class culture became diluted by a more consumerist subculture – for the new Casual, working class culture was defined by aspiration, and personal wealth as a measure of success.

Cicolini relates this back to dandyism and in particular Brummell’s obsession with immaculate presentation and faultless attention to detail as a way of distinguishing oneself from the masses or working classes. The Casuals the distinction was to separate themselves from the violence and punk culture of the Skins.

Following Brummell’s example, the Terrace Casual is engaged in the positioning of traditional upper class ‘country’ style in the urban environment, co-opting it for the pursuit of inner city leisure rather than the management of rural estates.

Chris Wass shop owner The Phoenix Pub


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