Inspiration: Wildlife Artist in Textiles Annemieke Mein

While wasting time lounging with my cat on my parents bedroom floor I for some unknown reason pulled a book out from the bookshelf. I don’t even know what made me choose it but once the first page was turned I was glued to it. Inside a compilation of birds, butterflies, frogs, bees, flowers, dragonflies, moths and plants fill up the pages… but they are extraordinary in that they are all made from fabric, paint and sewing threads and are all in some way 3dimensional. They are all the work of textile artist Annemieke Mein.


I’m going to keep this short because my blogs have been soooo long so far and this is one of many inspirations to come no doubt. Anyway here is an exert from the book:

“the line between art and craft is being bent and breached these days, but there are only a few practitioners who can make it disappear completely. The astonishing work of Annemieke transcends these and a few other categories besides. Embroidered and painted relief tapestries and fabric sculptures erase the distinction between naturalistic and impressionistic portrayal.”

And here are some images from the web.. but I should scan some nicer quality ones from the book. It would be amazing to see these in a physical sense, a picture in a book isn’t the same, and then transferred to the computer you lose even more.

Dragonfly cape

I love the background and water ripples just as much as the subject

what an amazing artist

I’m just getting excited thinking how can I interpret her techniques. The possibilities are endless.


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